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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical structure of the “Clean A Can” franchise system? Clan A Can Area Franchise

“Clean A Can” franchise partners will be located in strategic areas of the United States designed to both maximize their business potential and help us meet the demands of the marketplace. We have identified many prime markets in need of a “Clean A Can” franchise.

Although our franchise partners are required to market in their local market area, the “Clean A Can” sales and marketing support staff will always be supporting you in a variety of ways, such as teaching you our proven advertising methods, helping you with print ad production and design. It is also the responsibility of the “Clean A Can” corporate office staff to provide advice on all services relating to billing, customer service, and daily routing and planning. The “Clean A Can” home office sClean A Can - Trainingtaff can advise on all administrative responsibilities so that our franchise partners can concentrate what they need to do to generate revenue from the cleaning of garbage cans.

Other than sales and marketing assistance, customer service and office support, what else will I receive as part of the “Clean A Can” franchise network?

Prior to starting operations, you and your employees will complete a minimum of 10 days training at our headquarters office in Kissimmee, Florida, or another suitable location. In addition, you will receive an operations manual covering all aspects of the business and a tremendous amount of ongoing guidance and support. We do everything we can to ensure that our franchisees enter the operational phase with the confidence and skills required to the most effective job possible. Ongoing support in the field is of critical importance to “Clean A Can” to maintain its status as a market leader and help our franchisees to be as productive as possible.

Do I need prior industry experience?

Absolutely not! We are looking for people that are interested in a unique, new service concept, have a solid work ethic, and have a strong commitment to a superior level of customer service. In many instances you will be making service level commitments to your potential customers (i.e. waste disposal companies, householders and business, around the US), therefore, it is imperative that we have reliable franchise partners that will deliver the high quality of service that the customers require.

What is the initial franchise fee?

The initial franchise fee is $19,750. In addition to helping fund our ability to bring this franchise opportunity to you, this fee also funds the setup and pre-opening support of your operation, including the initial training. Area Developer Agreements are also available.


What is the term of the franchise agreement?

The initial term of your “Clean A Can” franchise agreement is 10 years, with an optional 10-year renewal terms.

Are there ongoing fees paid to Clean A Can? CleanAcan - Garbage cans

Franchisees will be required to pay a royalty of  $150 a month and a business support fee of £100 a month. The business support fee is used to fund administrative functions to support the Franchisee when they need it most, such as advice and support with customer service, accounts receivable, general operations and new technology  development.

It is also noteworthy that franchisees get paid direct by their prepay customers, which is very advantageous to our franchisees from a cash flow standpoint.

What training will I receive?

We will provide a minimum of 10 days of detailed office and equipment training prior to the time of your opening. There is no additional charge for this training service, but you must pay any travel and living expenses while attending the training at our offices.

What about ongoing support?

We are your turnkey support center.  We also advice and support on customer information for scheduling, routing and mapping purposes.